Location & Times

Our campus is located at 1610 Grays Highway, Ridgeland, SC 29936, directly across from the Ridgeland Airport and between the Ridgeland Nursing Center and Ridgeland Schools Campus.


Sunday Mornings at 11am

Our typical Sunday Morning Worship Service begins at 11 am, usually lasts about an hour, and includes the following:

Worship – This includes a mix of both contemporary music and hymns where individuals are encouraged to worship in whatever way they feel most comfortable and led by the Spirit.

Ministry Focus – This is a time to learn about some of the ways in which we are serving our neighbors and how you can get involved.

Offering – As a visitor, we simply encourage you to fill out a visitor’s card and put it in the basket as it goes by.  Members and regular attendees are invited to worship God by giving their offerings at this time.

Sermon – A Bible-based message that is engaging, relevant, and applicable to everyday life.

Reflection and Response Time – This is a time to pray and reflect on what God is telling you. This is also a time to commit to taking that next step in your Christian life as the Lord leads you.


Sunday Evenings at 5pm (Starting June 4th)

Our Sunday Evening Worship Service begins at 5 pm and usually lasts about an hour. During this service, we dive deeper into what it means to “be” the church in Ridgeland as we pray, sing, and learn together in a more casual format than our main Sunday Morning Service.


Wednesday Evenings at 7pm

Our Mid-Week Service begins at 7 pm and usually lasts about an hour. During this time there will be a short devotional followed by a time when prayer requests are received. We then spend the remaining time in prayer for individuals, our church, and our community.