Our Story

On September 23, 1982, a group of believers met at the home of W.H. and Sandra Pender in Ridgeland, South Carolina to discuss the need, and their desire, for a new Gospel work in Ridgeland. Each one of the brothers and sisters in Christ shared how they felt and voiced their opinion. The group met again after much prayer and urging from the Holy Spirit and agreed together to form the new church, Faith Baptist Church.

In their “Statement of Reasons for Organizing a Church,” the group stated that they hoped the Lord might, through their small group, “reach out into the highways and byways and compel them to come in that our Father’s House might be filled,” and that their purpose was to “reach the unreached for our Lord.”

The newly constituted church named three trustees (Billy Pender, Frank Smith, and Omer DuBose) and on October 17, 1982, held their first worship service at the original building, located at 1010 Adams Street. The Reverend Joseph McTeer led this first service with thirty-three congregants in attendance. Faith Baptist Church’s first deacons were Omer DuBose (who still serves the church as Deacon Emeritus), Frank Smith, and Bill Floyd.

On November 26, 1982, the church met again in conference, having found a property to build a church building. The land for the church building was purchased from Mrs. Thelma Z. Woods and the church members all participated in clearing the land and building the church building.

As the years have gone by, Faith has seen lots of people come and go. Some went on to minister to others as pastors and teachers and some, including Faith’s present membership, continue to serve as missionaries in our community as we await the coming of our Lord and Savior. Even our present pastor, Henry Criss, came to faith in Christ and was called into vocational ministry through the ministry of our church. Today Faith Ridgeland is continuing the legacy started by that small group in 1982 by seeking to go out into the highways and byways in the hopes to reach the unreached for our Lord.




List of Charter Members