Our Focus


Simply put, vision is the description of what we want to achieve in the mid-term or long-term future and it serves as a clear guide for choosing current and future courses of action. Vision answers the questions of “who are we”, “what are we doing”, “why are we doing it”, “where are we doing it”, and “how we are going to do it?” Vision is the most basic, fundamental resource we have at our disposal and it is essential to plotting a clear course into the future. A vision statement clearly and concisely captures where we are going.

Our vision at Faith Ridgeland is:

To see Ridgeland transformed through the power of the gospel, one life at a time.


Mission describes the vehicle which we will use to move toward achieving the vision. It is important that we have a clearly defined mission so that we can tell the difference between things we should be doing and the things we shouldn’t. If a particular endeavor (project, program, activity, etc.) helps us accomplish our mission, then we should do it and if it doesn’t fit our mission we shouldn’t. A mission statement clearly communicates how we plan to move forward toward the goal.

Our mission at Faith Ridgeland is:

Making disciples who make disciples that positively impact the community in a noticeable way.

Our Core Values

Intentional Discipleship

We believe that the overarching purpose of the church is to produce disciples who produce disciples. A disciple is one who is someone who: is following Jesus (Head), is changed by Jesus (Heart); and is on mission with Jesus (Hands). Disciples are not produced by accident and we are committed to helping each other grow in grace and knowledge of Christ and move ahead in our journey of spiritual maturity through a biblical, intentional, and reproducible disciple making process.


We believe that Jesus values each and every individual person, regardless of who they are or where they’ve been. Because of this belief, we welcome everyone and meet him or her where they are, just as Jesus did.


We believe that we can accomplish far greater results (greater in both quality and quantity) together that any one of us can accomplish on their own. As a result, we are committed to working together as a team internally (thorough our team ministries) and externally (through our cooperative partnerships).


We believe that by our nature, people crave a healthy and significant relationship with God and with other people. We are committed to helping people build these relationships through Christ-centered corporate worship, relational small groups, and opportunities to get to know each other deeply through serving one another and sharing life together.


We recognize that we live in a particular geographic place and point in time and the true Gospel message is pertinent to the real lives of those whom we seek to help. We are committed to living out an authentic Christian faith in the real world around us and to remaining doctrinally pure.

Community Involvement

We believe that the church is to serve the community as salt and light, making Ridgeland a more flavorful and brighter place to live for all those who live there. Because of this belief, we are committed to serving everyone in our community in real, tangible ways that address their needs, both spiritual and material.

Spirit of Excellence

God wants His people to abound and excel in both who they are and in what they do for His glory. This belief leads us to perform everything we do (both inside the church and in our daily lives) with a spirit of excellence, not settling for “good enough.” To be clear, we don’t expect perfection, but we want to give everything we have in everything we do for the glory of God.